'Gilbert came to her, as she stood at her window watching a fog creeping in from the sea , over the moonlit dunes and the harbor , right into the long narrow valley upon which Ingleside looked down upon and in which nestled the village of Glen St. Mary. "To come back at the end of a hard day and find you! Are you happy, Annest of Anne's?" "Happy!" Ann bent to sniff a vase full of apple blossoms Jem had set on her dressing table . She felt surrounded and encompassed by love . " Gilbert, dear , it's been lovely to be Anne of Green Gables again for a week , but it's a hundred times lovelier to come back to be Anne of Ingleside ."  excerpt from: Novel #6, Rainbow Valley

    Diana Reardon wears a beautiful Titanic inspired costume, for it’s the year 1914. Diana is a well known storyteller/entertainer from Denver, Co . Her favorite classical character is Anne , as most of you can relate to , so she thoroughly enjoys portraying her charmed life

    She stays in character as the vivacious Anne Shirley Blythe. Anne has now married her beloved Gilbert and is the mother of 6 rambunctious children. ‘Anne’ delights us with what it is like to be a story book character come to life! Interesting comparisons are made between the author L.M. Montgomery's life and Anne's. You will be entertained with this combination of Diana's performance / book review of L.M. Montgomery's eight classical books on Anne's life. This unique delivery for those kindred spirits familiar with the series, will leave with their hearts full of fun and laughter.

    I agree with Anne‘s comment in the book ‘Anne of Avon lea’, in the Anne of Green Gables series; "I’d like to add some beauty to life", said Anne dreamily." I don’t exactly want to make people KNOW more…..though I know that is the noblest ambition….but I’d love to make them have a pleasanter time because of me….. to have some little joy or happy thought that would never have existed if I hadn’t been born."………. doesn’t that sound like our story book kindred-spirit!!!


Food for an 'Anne of Green Gables' tea party!!! Look up the quotes on food and have them printed onto a pretty piece of hard paper and fold it in half with the menu on it as part of the center piece. These are all mentioned in the novels that you can purchase in the children's section of the book store as a set of all 8 books on Anne.

Novel # 1

Raspberry tarts, novel #1 page 105        lemon and cherry pie, fruitcake, pound and layer cake. Page 172           Plum pudding, page125 { just remember to cover it so a mouse does not find it's way into the delectable treat, like it did for poor Anne!!!}~grin~ Fruit cake is mentioned again with cherry preserves on page122 { this was at the infamous tea that Anne invited Diana to} If you serve raspberry cordial for a children's tea party, make extra sure it has no alcohol in it. We don't need to experience the event to that extreme! !~grin~          Little pink candy hearts , like the one Gilbert tried to give Anne to make up for calling her 'carrots'!Page115        " Then let's sit comfily down and eat everything," said Miss Lavendar happily. ".....it is so fortunate that I made the sponge cake........."

                 Novel # 2

Nut cake with pink icing adorned with walnuts, page 16. This was to be a peace offering to Mr. Harrison for accidentally selling his cow when she thought it was hers.             Plum cake on page 59          lemonade, page 109 and ginger tea on page 30 

                Novel # 3

The only mention I could find on a different kind of food was on page 75 where Phil, a new friend of Anne's, asks her if she can move into the house Anne is renting while at college. "Better a dinner of herbs where your chums are than a stalled ox in a lonely boarding house."  With this information you could add herbs to any dish, or serve herb butter!                                                                             

  My friend Carolyn Strom Collins co-authored the popular book 'Anne Of Green Gables Treasury'.  To contact her you may call #651/644-0058 for additional information and a brochure on her 'Anne' day camp on Prince Edward Island, Canada during the summers. While you have Carolyn on the phone ask her about her other books on nostalgic characters!!!