Allow your daughter and her friends to be treated to a most special occasion. Victorian performer, Diana Reardon will teach them etiquette while also entertaining them as her Victorian persona, Constance Pringle. Diana wears period costume while staying in character as a British finishing school instructress, from the turn of the last century. She will truly delight her audience with the charm and grace of a yesteryear that applies equally well in our modern day.

    Your precious daughter is getting older. She has acquired responsibility and is expected to act more like an adult………it’s not always easy for her. As parents you do the best to make her transition easier. Manners help. A girl with nice manners gets respect because she gives it. Let me complement your efforts. I, Diana Reardon, am known through out Colorado as a Victorian entertainer, tutor of social graces and etiquette, I combine both skills at social occasions given for young ladies. I interact with the children to help them use their power of reasoning, as this is the best possible teaching tool to boost confidence. They will have a truly charming and memorable occasion while learning important social skills. What will they learn?

    This special occasion may be held at a home, a B&B or tea shoppe. Inform me if you have a special concern you would like to have addressed. Brochures on many other subjects for performances geared for adults or combo adult/children are also available. Great for groups of all kinds.

Dearest Constance, when I order tea in a restaurant and get a bag, a pot of water, and an empty cup, I am not sure where to dunk the bag. Also, when I am served tea in a mug, what should I do with the bag afterward?

    Tea may seem a lot more complicated than coffee, but you do not have to give up on the Earl Grey. First of all, when your waiter brings you a pot of hot water, drop the bag in and wait for it to steep for 3-5 minutes. After you have poured yourself a cup, leave the bag in the pot. If it gets too strong, just ask for more hot water.

    If you are served a cup already filled with hot water, put the bag in right away. After steeping the bag for 3-5 minutes, remove the bag with your spoon and hold it over the cup so it can drain, then place the bag on your saucer. When tea is served in a mug without a saucer, go ahead and ask for a small dish. A couple of other tea drinking pointers: do not pick up the bag by it’s string and jiggle it, and do not wind the string around the bag while it is on your spoon and squeeze it dry. If you like lemon in your tea do not put it in before the sugar, because the sugar will not dissolve {the reason it will not is because of the acidity from the lemon.}

I, Diana Reardon (AKA Constance Pringle) do not perform/teach at birthday or holiday parties. This is to be a special occasion, standing totally on its own!

Call 303/660-6429 for further information or to arrange a booking. References available upon requests.