Constance Pringle unravels the myths about her dear friend Molly Brown. It is the year 1914; after the Titanic sank. When Margaret Tobin Brown arrived in New York city shortly after the ship sank, a legend was born. Diana stays in character and in beautiful Titanic inspired costume as Molly's friend from England, where  they met on her  many excursions to Europe. The true life story of the Titanic's most famous survivor . Her experience on the Titanic will be authentically recounted , as well as her life in society and with family members . This performance/ book review is absolutely charming and will set the record straight ! You are sure to be pleasantly surprised. Information derived from the book' Molly Brown unraveling the myth ', by Kristen Iversen, copyrighted 1999.


Diana will stay in character as 'Molly' Brown as she tells her life story!